An Ehlingard Sage
Let's Build a Community Game

The priority of the game is to build a community who truly love this game genre. Focusing on game mechanics, exploring fictional high fantasy setting and bring immersive experience to the players.

Work that inspired
Battle of Embers

The project draws inspiration from a diverse range of beloved works, encompassing classic literature such as the Lord of the Ring, A Song of Ice and Fire, action Video games, MMORPG like World of War Craft, etc. Hope to create a game that captures the essence of the genre and resonates with the community.

Fictional High-Fantasy
How Would It Work

At the beginng, it will be a small volunteer-driven community and whoever make contrubitions that benifits the community and game will be the contributors. When the community grows larger, we can formalize a structure with elected or appointed board members from the contributors. Board members get to vote on the decisions about game updates, feature implementations, community events, collaborations, partnerships, resource allocation and the financial aspects in terms of budgeting and potential gains.